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6/04/07 Spokesman Review article: Advocates unable to save Finch Lodge . . . so far


5/25/07 Spokesman Review article: Gas station, Finch lodge on most-endangered list


5/23/07 Washington Trust for Historic Preservation:  "Historic Boy Scout Lodge Near Diamond Lake Featured in the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2007 Most Endangered Historic Properties List"


5/22/07 Washington Trust Most Endangered Properties List released. 


4/30/07 Curious incident concerning known Finch Lodge Supporter


3/08/07 Pacific Northwest Inlander: Jeer: "BOY SCOUT BOARD"


3/1/07 Pacific Northwest Inlander:  Jeer: "Think Again Boy Scouts"


2/02/07 Nickel Nik Classifieds notice: "BOY SCOUT parents, leaders and friends!  Why Bulldoze Finch..."


11/15/06 The Save Finch Lodge group has learned that a group of Scouters has mailed a letter urging the Council's executive board to reconsider their decision to raze Finch Lodge. 
The group of over 42 registered Boy Scout volunteers says that Finch Lodge should be left in place and any new dining hall should be located up the hill. We were told that each board member should have received a copy of the letter and supporting information packet  before the 11/16 executive board meeting. 
(Read the letter)


10/22/06 The Fall 2006 edition of Washington Preservation devotes a page to the Finch Lodge situation: "Historic Finch Lodge to be Demolished"
See page 7 of this 14 page .pdf document.  (Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation publishes Washington Preservation several times a year.)


10/14/06 Spokesman Review Letter to the Editor: "Lodge a key to memories"


10/10/06 Spokesman Review Letter to the Editor: "Save Finch, Preserve History "


10/1/06 Save Finch Lodge Web Site posts their corrections, clarifications and comments to the Council's official 9/21/06 announcement


9/27/06 Newport Miner Story: "Boy Scouts will replace Finch Lodge"
"The Boy Scout executive board has decided to replace historic Finch Lodge at the Cowles Scout Reservation with a new structure that is similar in design but opponents say the decision is 'a misguided attempt at recreating history.'" ...


9/24/06 Save Finch Lodge Group issues statement to press reacting to Executive Board decision.


9/22/06 Spokesman Review article: Boy Scouts will raze lodge at camp (Subscription Required) Summarizes Council's news release.
Note: This article states "Greg Mott, a Scouting Volunteer who advocated preserving Finch Lodge, couldn't be reached for comment"  but Greg Mott has assured savefinchlodge.com that, although someone was available to answer both his home and work phones throughout Thursday, no call was received from the Spokesman Review. (Note: The reporter has since explained that Greg Mott's phone number was lost by the Review when their summer interns went back to school.)  Likewise, no attempt was made to contact savefinchlodge.com.


9/21/06  Save Finch Lodge group decides that the board's decision should not stand unchallenged.  The group urges reconsideration and vows to do more investigation and education.


9/21/06  Inland Northwest Council Executive Board decides to disregard scores of letters and emails and site their new dining hall where Finch Lodge currently sits.


8/17/06: Whitman County Gazette editor argues that Finch Lodge should be preserved.


8/12/06: Save Finch Lodge Web Site adds a page exploring many of the advantages of leaving Finch Lodge in place and building a new lodge nearby


8/5/06: Inland NW Council Leadership Dinner at Camp Easton:  Tim McCandless stated that a Finch Lodge decision will be made at the Council's September 21st Executive Board Meeting.
The Council will continue to accept comments and opinions concerning the fate of the old lodge until that time.


8/2/06:  Newport Miner Story:  "Boy Scout board postpones Finch Lodge decision"


7//31/06:  The Inland NW Council's web site now indicates a decision on the fate of Finch Lodge could be made at a "specially called meeting in late August -TBD"


7/29/06:  Spokesman Review Article: Boy Scout Lodge Decision On Hold (Subscription Required)
"'The delay is a temporary victory for preservation supporters,' said Scouting volunteer and renovation advocate Greg Mott, who has been involved with Camp Cowles for about two decades. 'A September time frame will allow more people to be involved,' he said." ... "An option calling for Finch Lodge to be maintained and a new lodge built nearby is gaining renewed interest, McCandless said."
(Read about the many advantages of this option)


7/27/06:  Inland Northwest Council, BSA Executive Board Meeting at Camp Cowles
The Executive Board now plans to make their final decision on the fate of Finch Lodge at their September 21st Board Meeting. Thursday evening, board members decided the best plan was to collect more information and allow more discussion before making a decision which could result in the demolition of this special treasure.


7/27/06: Spokesman Review Letter to the editor: Save Finch Lodge


7/27/06: Letter from Spokane Preservation Advocates Strongly encourages the Council "to preserve the historic Finch Lodge for future generations" 
(Read the letter)


7/25/06:  Letter to Tim McCandless from Len Urgeleit, RenCorp LLC.
"My company, RenCorp, LLC, was recently contacted by several people interested in renovating Finch Lodge. On July 18th, I met at the lodge with three proponents of the renovation. We toured the exterior and interior of the lodge that day entering each of the room’s and observing the current condition of the building. The purpose of this letter is to give you my opinion of the lodge’s possible renovation." ... "I have been renovating buildings for ten years and have yet to have a renovation cost more than demolition and new construction. If the design team has experience in renovations and knows the building code requirements for historic buildings, then there is no reason the renovation should cost more than new construction." ...
(Read the entire letter)


7/19/06:  Pend Oreille County Historical Society tells the Council that the Society doesn't want Finch Lodge demolished
"...Boy Scouts can earn a merit badge by explaining the function of the National Register of Historical Places and should be encouraged to pursue history of the area. ..."   (Read the entire email)


7/18/06:  Paul Turner posted a note in "The Slice" Spokesman Review column from Karen Mobley (arts director, Spokane Arts Commission) concerning a quote in the Review's 7/12/06 Finch Lodge Story.  Read her common sense "second opinion" to "kids don't care about historic preservation"


7/13/06: Letter dated June 10, received from Chris Moore, Field Director, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
Members of the Trust "heartily encourage the Council to embrace a program of rehabilitation for the lodge that would preserve the building's integrity while retaining the important and valuable historic associations to scouting the Finch Lodge encapsulates"  (Read the entire letter)


7/12/06: Spokesman Review Article: Scouts building on rocky ground (subscription required)


7/11/06: savefinchlodge.com added a page excerpting a few of the comments they have heard


7/5/06: The Newport Miner covered the Finch Lodge controversy in a large article on the front page of the July 5th issue


6/29/06: Spokane's KREM TV aired a short segment on June 29th and again on July 1st:  Boy Scouts Fight to save Finch Lodge


Summary of June 28th TOWN HALL MEETING at Finch Lodge New Information added 7/1/06